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Monday, June 6, 2011

Fwd: Machsom L'fi

We need volunteers for thIs weeks Machsom L'fi
While Shmiras Haloshon is a requirement every day and at all times, focusing specifically on this mitzvah for a set period each day is a proven way to bolster your overall observance. Those who undertake a Machsom L'fi, commit themselves, in conjunction with others, to avoid speaking or hearing loshon hora during a two- hour period each day. This can be done as a powerful merit for someone who is ill, or for anyone that needs Divine mercy.

The commitment will be for one week beginning on Wednesday. Commitment also includes daily learning of the laws of
Shmiras Haloshon (by email , phone or Chofetz Chaim A Lesson A Day) as well as saying a daily brocha. Full instructions will be sent out upon
receiving your response.

Contact with the time you would like. In NY EST 6-8am,8-10.10-12noon,12-2pm,2-4pm,4-6,6-8,8-10, 10-midnight
In Israel 7am-9, 9-11,11-1pm(in order to have 24hr coverage between NY and Israel times)
Thank you

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