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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Hachlata time!!!

Ali Bhatia:
It is amazing what everyone is doing and continues to do to speed up Binyamin's recovery, from Tehilim, to challah baking to learnathons, as well as tzedaka ,Binyamins name on posters at mikvahs, shiurim and so much more.... Another great thing everyone can do on an induvidual basis is take on a personal Hachlata, ( a resolution) It could be anything that is meaningful to you and will please G-D make a world of difference to Binyamin Zav Hachonen Ben Sharrone Rivka. So come on! Choose your Hachlata and if its not too personal, tell us about it on the comments.

PS - Helpful Tip: Choose something small that you know you can keep. If you still feel overwhelmed, choose a time limit for it (like 3 months or so) and you can extend it later on or choose a new one

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