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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Pessy Jacobs and Chava Popack:
To all our dear friends and family who are baking in the zechus of binyamin zev's speedy recovery, first, thank you!!

To do this, you would be baking your challah either Thursday or Friday, preferably as close to Friday as possible. While making the dough please have Binyamin Zev Hakohen ben Sharrone Rivka in mind.
When you are ready to take your dough, make the bracha on the dough and then say:
"Yehi Ratzon Mil'fanecha Ado-nai Elokai V'elokai Avosai Shetishlach Mehaira Refuah Shelaimah Min Hashamayim, Refuas Hanefesh Urefuas Haguf Lacholeh Binyamin Zev Hakohen Ben Sharrone Rivka
Besoch Shaare choleh amo Yisroel"
A perek of tehillim should then be said for Binyamin. You would then burn your piece of challah.
Tizku l'mitzvos!!

The list of our 43 bakers will be sent directly to Sharrone

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