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Friday, May 6, 2011

Rochel Ohayon :
I am in Montreal visiting my family and before i go back home to Crown heights i figured id rally the troops here first: have 11 bakers 7 baked today the rest will fri morning
16 girls will bentch licht at my family`s home
we have 4 boys who put on tefillin today they aggreed to put it on til he comes home healthy
he is on 23 shuls misheberach list
43 woman give 18 cents every morning for him and
9 ppl agreed to go to shul 3 times a day to daven in his honor until lag baomer


Netanya Hoffman said...

Wow, amazing! Yishar kochachem!

Sharrone Glick said...

Seriously Amazing Yisha Kochach indead!