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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Hi Everyone,

Binyamin had B"H a very playful Shabbos, he was in a great mood. We even got our own room! About 2 hrs before Shabbos was ending I went to lift him up and the "lines or tubes" which are connected on one side to the chemo and the other side to a port in his chest also known as a metaport. The lines are quite long to allow for Binyamin to walk around and play. Anyways I went to pick him up to rest with me and the line got caught in the chair... It tugged a little too much and caused to port to remove itself from the main vein. And its not working anymore :o( so unfortunately Binyamin will need surgery again to have it repaired...
Will update more tomorrow!!!

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Ayala Cohen said...

Sharrone, you are a fanstastic mother. You and Binyamin (and your whole family) will get through this together, biEzrat Hashem. My thoughts and prayers are with you.