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Thursday, May 12, 2011

A sister's cry

Miri Faro:
I sit with sharrone a few times a week, and it never feels like its enough. But everytime I am amazed at her strength. i know inside she is dying of pain, pain that BH none of us can feel, the pain of watching someone you love so deeply be hurting and there is almost nothing u can do to take it away from them,. almost as if u are helpless to wait and allow the treatment to take its course.
so I asked Sharrone, what makes you get through from day to day and have the strength and emunah? and she said Miri its all everyones dahvening, challah baking, shirum, hachlatas and so much more. My BINYOMIN got people from England, Israel, South Africa, Australia, America and Canda, to move mountains in shamayim and if we can do this, united as we are, then he will get better and this is what brings moshiach. So basically the point to the storey is that bloging all you do helps sharrone, it gives her the support she needs to know you all are with them on this jorney, and from all we do good will come!

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Ali Bhatia said...

Miri, Very moving,..Beautifully written.