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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Thursday Night Chaburah is back on

Hope everyone had a nice Pesach. I am pleased to say that the Thursday Night Chaburah is back on! For all those who attended in the past and those who have not attended the “Thursday Night Light” Chaburah hosted at Avi Popacks home at 720 Central Avenue Woodmere NY gave all the opportunity to connect to concepts in Judaism that raise their awareness of Hashem’s continuous involvement in this world and enlightened us all in our abilities to develop our Emunah.
This Thursday night May 5th at 8pm at 447 Westminster Rd., Cedarhurst NY 11516 at the home of Max and Dena Shemesh we will be having the kick off for the Spring Season of the “Thursday Night Light” Chaburah. We will have music, BBQ, Chulant, Kugel, drinks, nosh, hot dogs, hamburgers, chicken, etc.
During these hard times we are all praying for health, happiness, and wealth and we believe that going forward we should dedicate these special gatherings for something or someone special. Whether it be for a refuah shelaima, yartzeit, or praying for those in need. We would like to dedicate this Thursday nights Chabura to Binyamin Zev Ben Sharone Rivka. May Hashem bless him with a speedy Refuah and grant his family the strength to overcome these trying times.
In addition to our special weekly program we will also be honored by the presence of a World Renowned guest Speaker, Rabbi Simon Jacobson.
Rabbi Simon Jacobson is the author of Toward a Meaningful Life (William Morrow, 2002), founder of The Meaningful Life Center ( and publisher of the Yiddish English weekly, The Algemeiner Journal ( For over fourteen years Rabbi Jacobson served as the documenter and publisher of the seventh Lubavitcher Rebbe’s public talks from 1979 till 1992. He also headed the research team for Sefer Halikutim - an encyclopedic collection of Chassidic thought (26 volumes, published 1977-1982). As one of most pioneering and sought after writers and speakers in the Jewish world today, Rabbi Jacobson has deeply impacted diverse audiences in all continents with his keen insights into the human condition, applying Torah thought to contemporary life, in a cutting edge voice that is rooted in the timeless teachings of Judaism, while being profoundly timely and relevant
Please join us as we partake in an exciting evening of inspiration. You are welcome to invite all those that you think might enjoy.
Looking forward to seeing you,
Avi Popack
Max Shemesh

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